Es’hailSat & Total TR Medya Sign Framework Service Agreement

Growing video neighborhood at 25.5⁰ E / 26° E hotspot covering MENA

Doha, 12th February 2017 – Es’hailSat, the Qatar Satellite Company, and Total TR Medya announced today the signing of framework service agreement to market and sell Es’hailSat products and services. Under the terms of the agreement Total TR Medya has exclusive rights to re‐sell Es’hailSat’s products and services to end users in the Republic of Turkey.
Operating from the MENA orbital hotspot of 25.5° E / 26° E, covering key consumer markets in GCC and North Africa, Es’hailSat’s high powered satellites provide the key infrastructure to media networks and broadcasters to distribute TV channels directly to consumers via small satellite dish. Customers are able to leverage on Es’hailSat’s satellites and teleport infrastructures to provide services such as linear TV, video on demand, high definition TV and 4K TV among others.
Total TR Medya is Total Media Cast’s Turkish branch that provides satellite TV consultation, system integration, channel operations and satellite TV frequency allocation through its group of companies.
Es’hailSat’s President & CEO, Ali Ahmed Al Kuwari said: “We are delighted to have Total TR Medya exclusively working with us to market and promote Es’hailSat’s services in the Turkish market. We work with various value added resellers and partners to support the MENA broadcast customer’s current and future requirements. We believe such cooperation not only benefit both companies but it also helps grow the broadcast industry in MENA.”
Total TR Medya’s CEO, Isam Ayad said: “It is an honor and a pleasure to have been offered the opportunity to represent Es’hailSat, the reputable satellite operator, exclusively in Turkey. We foresee a bright future with this collaboration, in the light of which will result great revenue for both parties and enrich the satellite landscape in the MENA region.”

About Es’hailSat

Es’hailSat, The Qatar Satellite Company was established in 2010. Based in Doha, Qatar, the company owns and operates satellites to serve broadcasters, businesses and governments. Es’hail‐1, which shares a spacecraft platform with the European satellite operator Eutelsat, was successfully launched on 29th August 2013. The satellite provides television, voice, Internet, corporate and government communications services across the Middle East and North Africa region and beyond. Es’hail‐2 is currently under construction and will be launched in 2018 to be co‐located at 25.5°E/26°E TV broadcasting hotspot. Contact: Noora Bohindi Tel: +974 44 99 35 09


About Total TR Medya

Total TR is a subsidiary of Total Group located in Istanbul, Turkey, where its strategic location and widespread connections have insured a great deal of successful business relations and project handling. Total Group has a wide scope of services to offer the Turkish region, especially for Arabic Channels that have been growing tremendously in the past few years. These services go from Space Segment Leasing, Consultation, Channel Identity & Branding, Operations, Project management, Installation & Integration to Production & News Services.

Contact: Areej Itani Tel: +961 76 50 96 03


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