Company Overview

Channel Belqees is a Yemeni satellite channel, of national and political orientation, broadcasting from Yemen until 2015, and then from outside of Yemen after the Houthis attacked their headquarters. The channel is owned by the Yemeni activist Tawakkul Karman, winner of Nobel Peace Prize for her role in the revolution of 2011 in Yemen. The channel seeks to work according to highest professional and technical standards to ensure a balanced message that is close to the people and their concerns, and to reinforce the reality of defending public freedoms, and freedom of the press and expression.


To get the best results, we have identified the following objectives to be completed as part of the project:

  • Analysis of the technical and engineering needs of the channel and compiling detailed engineering plans
  • Estimating bid of quantities required for the equipment, and handling the procurement process according to the best technical conditions
  • Distribution of office space on different departments to match their needs and role
  • Supervising the delivery and assembly of the supplied equipment from various vendors,and ensuring system compatibility
  • Workflow planning and execution supervision
  • Providing list of workforce needs and supervising the hiring process
  • Supervising the compilation of the first programming plan of the channel

How we Helped

To fulfill the needs of Belqees TV, we offered the following services:

  • Consultation services
  • Channel Identity & Branding
  • Training & Knowledge Transfer
  • Project Management
  • Installation and Integration
  • Production & News Service

Some Important Project Specs

  • Project duration: 4 months
  • Number of studios: one
  • Programming type: Mainly political, with some varieties

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