The city of Culture (Cité de la Culture) in Tunisia hosted from February 18 to 19 a number of TV workers from nearly eight local TV channels and a number of independent technicians to explore the features and characteristics of modern broadcast technology provided by Playbox.

The attendees expressed their happiness with this training and the great benefits they received from the workshop. In addition, some participants requested an upgrade for the equipment they already have or installed new ones in line with the Playbox technologies.

Playbox is a provider of innovative and successful solutions that are used by more than 18,000 TV stations in 120 countries. Playbox customers include national and international broadcasters, emerging TV channels, webcasters, TV and interactive music channels, movie channels, remote TV channels, corporate information channels, and disaster recovery channels.

Total Media Cast organizes these events to raise awareness and update the skills and knowledge of media workers in the Arab region.