Radio Shems FM in Tunisia hosted the GM of Total Media Cast (TMC), Mr. Issam Ayyad, who started his talk about his academic achievement that combined the study of broadcast engineering and then journalism and media, which enabled him to have a comprehensive understanding of the media process culminated in the assignment of administrative and practical positions in a number of local and international satellite channels.

With the accumulation of experiences and the change of the Arab scene, there was an opportunity to launch an Arab company, the first of its kind, to provide quality integrated services to clients that no one had ever preceded. Thus, Total Media Cast was born to be the one-stop-shop for clients looking to establish a satellite channel starting with the consultation study and financial evaluation, and then going through training and preparing a program plan, buying technical equipment and furnishing the place, up to going live and providing after-sales services.

Despite the crowded schedule of the company’s projects, it has always been keen to have a role in raising media awareness about the technologies of interest for clients, and the free training initiative for Playbox in Tunisia for all local channels is an example for this.

In response to a question about the drama production in Turkey and its difference from the prevailing type in the Arab world, Mr. Issam gave an example of the way Turkish producers work as they implement episodes gradually while observing the level of audience interaction with the topics raised. They continue to produce as long as the results are positive. Once the views decline, the scenarios are changed to end the series in the least number of episodes and to give space to start with other works, thus saving costs and making the show appropriate for what viewers always ask for.

The conversation touched upon a question about the magic recipe for the success of any satellite channel, so Mr. Issam pointed to two aspects: The priority of defining objectives and identifying competitors before starting any practical movement, and the second: securing the necessary financing, obtaining sponsorships, and keenness to present what the viewers demand.

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