Training courses are a way of improving the effectiveness of a company’s current work force, which holds effective benefits for ambitious people. Therefore in TMC we believe that training isn’t just important to the employees but its vital as well.
There are a lot of benefits behind  management training in general, one of them is improving the ability to implement and realise specific goals outlined in a company’s business plan, it helps in team building and development, therefore the employees will enjoy a greater sense of teamwork, and will feel integral part of the business.
The last training course was held in TMC Istanbul office under the title of ” Modern Skills in Strategical Planning & Management’ ”  from August 13  to August 16 . The course was given by Dr. Abdallah Jawdat, a senior trainer from the Aljazeera Media Training and Development Center.
Employees, top and medium level management joined from TMC offices in all countries to attend this course that was customized specifically for TMC company.
The meeting in Istanbul office was also an occasion for team coherence and bonding in general, where they were well informed about the keys to successful planning and implementation.
Strategic planning is a process of looking into the future and painting a picture based on the present trends, and this is one of TMC visions, where we try to cope with all future media needs and changes.