Consultation Services

TMC combines decades of professional experience in helping broadcasters define their mission and achieve it. We analyze your requirements and explore your needs, and thenwe match them to the best affordable solution. For established channels, we offer our experience to help you upgrade the quality of your services to your audience. We evaluate and analyze […]

Channel Identity & Branding

We know the prevailing impact of channel branding on founders and viewers.For this reason, our creative team grips the channel identity from A to Z, starting from branding, logo concept and animation, news identity, fillers, etc… and taking it consistently as far as you want. Contact us to learn more…

Training & Knowledge Transfer

TMC offers standard and customized training based on client request or as assessed by TMC specialists. Additionally, once the installation and integration for any project are accomplished, we make sure that the operating team receives the best training on all new systems and features. Training could be onsite or offsite as suitable to the case […]

Operations and Project Management

TMC manages your project starting from the idea stage until you have anoperationalchannel. This consists mainly of eight stages: TV Motivation & Rational: We study the reasons and goals behind establishing the TV channel, identify the target audience, define identity concepts, and determine the number and suitable types of programs Market & Financial Analysis: We […]

Installation and Integration

TMC boasts its strong connections with regional and international partners from which it selects the best hardware and software components to realize the vision of its clients. Moreover, TMC engineers and technicians are capable and well trained to deal with different systems while ensuring seamless integration among the various elements. Contact us to learn more…

Production & News Service

We offer our clients several types of services: Satellite News Gathering, Event Coverage, Outdoor and Indoor Shooting, Documentary, Short Film, Feature Film, Production, Post-Production, Live Studio, Equipment and Crew Rental, Play Out, Live Streaming, Daily Agenda, and Media Mobile Application Development. Contact us to learn more…