TMC manages your project starting from the idea stage until you have anoperationalchannel. This consists mainly of eight stages:

  1. TV Motivation & Rational: We study the reasons and goals behind establishing the TV channel, identify the target audience, define identity concepts, and determine the number and suitable types of programs
  2. Market & Financial Analysis: We study your market, identify your competition, and assist you in planning for a financially profitable business
  3. Target Audience & Channel Coverage: We analyze the geographical distribution of your audience upon which we base our recommendation for satellite providers and location of your channel premises and studios. We contact various vendors and service providers to ensure best prices for highest quality of services
  4. Channel Technical & Workforce Requirements: We analyze the technical requirements of your channel and list the detailed specs to achieve its goals. Moreover, we assist in staffing by drafting job descriptions and outlining the suitable organizational structure
  5. Channel Identity & Grid Programs: We design and implement your channel identity, and help in developing new programs aligning with the selected identity
  6. Channel Marketing & Awareness Campaigns: We compile the suitable marketing plan for your channel based on your target audience and channel identity and implement it through a team of professionals.
  7. Procurement & Staffing: We assist you in procurement and delivery of all equipment and license needed to launch your channel. In addition, we lead the recruiting process to bring you best talents in the market
  8. On Air: Once we launch your channel, we stay with you to supervise the implementation of the agreed workflow, monitor the performance and picture quality, and to fix any arising problems.

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