• Establishing satellite channels, starting with the initial advisory study, to the purchase of equipment and applications, to hiring the appropriate personnel and successfully launching the channel on air
  • Training and qualifying the workers to provide the best performance in cooperation with a network of coaches and top names
  • Installing equipment and applications, and performing the integration among them to ensure the best performance
  • Carrying out advisory studies on external contracts that any channel may need from a technical and legal point of view, while taking into account the allocated budget
  • Direct supervision of the channel’s operation for a period of three months while providing expertise and advice to improve performance and solve problems without interfering with the content or editorial policies
  • Preparing professional job descriptions for workers in various departments based on the organization’s structure, size, employee skills, prevailing culture and work standards
  • Development of the channel’s workflows based on the envisioned outputs, available equipment, the channel’s organizational structure
  • Preparing the scale of salaries in line with local laws, market reality, channel size and cadres’ competencies
  • Producing various programs (documentaries, short films, interviews, seminars …) for channels in cooperation with the best producers and directors