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Who we are

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Total Media Cast (TMC) was established at the beginning of the 2nd decade of the new millennium.It is a joint of experienced individuals from different channels and broadcast companies worldwide.TMC aims to provide clients with expert broadcast & operations consultation studies, digital media management, integration services, news gathering & media logistics services, and space segment lease services

Throughout its journey, TMC successfully established 10+ satellite channels from scratch. These channels currently operate from different offices in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Moreover, TMC succeeded in attracting significant names to be clients, such as BBC World, Al-Arabiya, Al-Hadath, 24 Saudi, Abu Dhabi Sports, beIN Sports, Russia Today, and Deutsche Welle.

TMC always strives to be its clients’ successful partners and help them maintain a high level of service quality.It also aspires to be at the forefront of the Arab media services companies, to be the first choice for clients that seek quality, speed, and efficiency. TMC exceeds the companies’ expectations by utilizing the best competencies, advanced equipment, and most valuable practices.

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Our Story

The story of Total Media Cast (TMC) is a genuine reflection of the media sector in the MENA region.

When it started in 2012, the region’s media landscape witnessed an unprecedented proliferation of small and medium size TV channels in many Arab countries, reflecting the new atmosphere of freedom and the desire of different communities in each society to express themselves through a TV channel.

Nevertheless, starting a TV station in the MENA was challenging before TMC came into the scene. It required contacting different specialized companies – with heavy budget requirements – to meet the needs of the various stages of starting a TV station.It is instituted from business planning and consultation to system procurement and integration, production facility selection and preparation, workforce hiring and training, operations management, and technical support.

Here comes the value of Total Media Cast, with 10 TV channels in its portfolio. TMC became the first Arabic one-stop shop for all the needs of establishing a TV station from scratch or serving any existing one.We at Total Media Cast will address all your requirements through turnkey projects that cater to your various needs by providing a customized and cost-effective solution without the hassle of working with different vendors.

TMC has recently been awarded the Quality Management System (ISO 9001: 2015) certificate, which defines another proof of its ongoing effort to provide the most pleasing for clients.

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