Qu 1: What are the necessary stages of establishing a satellite channel?

There are seven stages necessary to create a satellite channel:

The first stage: is justifications for establishing the channel and its objectives.

The second stage: is geographical coverage and means of connecting the channel to the target audience in addition to the headquarters.

The third stage: is business cycle planning and analysis.

The fourth stage is preparing the channel’s identity and the first program cycle.

Fifth stage: preparing and implementing the marketing and promotional plan for the channel.

Sixth stage: preparing the canal.

The seventh stage: is channel operation and test broadcasting.

Qu 2: Can we benefit from the salary scale service alone?

Yes, you can order any service by itself.

Qu 3: In which countries can we benefit from the trademark registration service?

Registering a trademark can be done in any country, but this will increase the cost of the matter. You can contact us to discuss the best method for registering a trademark commensurate with the direction of your company.

Qu 4: Is the job description the same for all projects?

Of course not, the job description takes into account the size of the company, the approved hardware and software, and the existing team capabilities. So it varies from project to project. But while keeping the basics of the job.

Qu 5: Can I connect the content of my channel through the streaming feature to new platforms, and what are they?

Through the streaming feature, you can deliver the content you want to everyone who has a mobile phone, any browser on any electronic means, or even a smart TV or any of the different popular platforms in the world.