Establishment of Satellite Channels by Total Media Cast

Total Media Cast… From Establishing Satellite Channels to Providing Comprehensive Television Services

After more than 10 years since the inception of Total Media Cast in the field of establishing satellite channels, the company has opened up significant opportunities and has proven itself in the television media market. It has had a profound impact on the development of Arab media in terms of image, quality, and content.

The company specializes in creating television channels, managing their operations, and providing the necessary services for their continuous broadcasting, content delivery, and their media messages. These services include satellite network services, live broadcasting, studio production for television production, and more. Additionally, Total Media Cast participates in specialized Arab and international exhibitions in the field of television broadcasting and its technologies.

The story of Total Media Cast and the beginning of the television dream…

In late 2012, Total Media Cast (TMC) began its journey as a specialized company in the establishment of satellite channels. With accumulated expertise, the company was formed by a group of experts, technicians, and professionals from diverse professional backgrounds, who had worked in channels and broadcasting companies all around the world.

The company embodied a sincere spirit of development and promise in the television sector in the Middle East and North Africa. It kept pace with significant stages of evolution in small and medium-sized television channels. It also demonstrated a genuine commitment to diligent work, professional coverage, advanced services, and cutting-edge technologies in the world of television media.

Our Main Mission: Establishing Satellite Channels ☑️

Establishing satellite channels may seem like an extremely challenging task, and rightfully so. As we mentioned on our introductory pages, it’s more of a daunting adventure than a simple business endeavor. This is due to the complexity of legal, technical, and operational arrangements involved in the establishment process. It also necessitates collaboration with various specialized companies, not to mention the substantial costs involved, all the way to the trial and final launch. These stages present a real challenge for anyone aiming to launch a genuine satellite channel that effectively delivers its message to its audience. However, the company has successfully launched 10 satellite channels during its journey.

(TMC) has made this experience easier through its long-standing expertise. It has made the task of launching professional and reputable television channels highly achievable. This is because the company is distinguished by its team of specialized professionals who understand the requirements and necessities of this task very well. Starting from strategic planning and consultancy, to equipment and software procurement and integration, channel headquarters selection and preparation, recruiting and training the right personnel, and finally, managing operations and providing technical support.

This experience has made the company one of the most important companies specialized in establishing satellite channels in the Arab world. It caters to all establishment requirements at all stages and provides services to existing channels for their development. This stems from its aspiration to provide the best technologies to its clients, study their television projects before launch to give them a comprehensive and clear picture of them, and to save them time, effort, and money in launching an advanced television channel capable of making significant strides in a media-dominated world.

Do you have an idea for a television channel and want to take the first steps in establishing it? Contact us now, and we will launch it with the utmost professionalism.

ISO Certification… The Result of Our Work and Global Offices!

In 2019, as part of its ongoing efforts to provide the best quality services, Total Media Cast (TMC), with offices spanning 4 continents around the world, obtained the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification. This certification aligns with their integrated plan aimed at meeting the requirements of their clients and delivering outstanding services to them.

To achieve these goals, the company operates in five offices across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Latin America, namely:

Lebanon – Beirut: Ain El Mreisseh, London Street, Safir Building – 1st Floor: +961 1 370450

United Kingdom – Hayes: 43 Maris Road, Hayes, UB3 2JP: +44 (0)7479797577

Brazil – São Paulo: Av. Paulista, 326, SL 42, CEP 01310-902, São Paulo: +55 11 97174-1529

Turkey – Istanbul: Oruçreis Mah. Tekstilkent Cad. Tekstilkent Koza Plaza A Blok Kat: 11 No: 41 Esenler: +90 530 897 24 22

Tunisia – Tunis: Abu Lubaba Al Ansari Street, Number 51, Menzah 6: +216 71 235 310

Over the years, they have worked diligently to provide their services to a range of clients in all the regions they operate, including prominent names like:

BBC World



24 Saudi

Al Mamlaka TV

TRT World, Arabic

Abu Dhabi Sports

beIN Sports

Russia Today

Deutsche Welle

Our Services… An Extension of an Advanced Television Vision!

Total Media Cast didn’t embark on the journey of specializing in establishing satellite channels because it was an easy task. On the contrary, it decided to enter this field to offer a different and unique experience in the services accompanying the television image industry, aiming to revolutionize broadcasting and content technologies. This included the construction of specialized studios, satellite networks, live broadcasting, and the necessary services for television production, in addition to providing comprehensive office services to its clients.

The company keeps up with the latest broadcasting, filming, and studio equipment and technologies of all kinds. It also follows digital marketing tools and media services to provide you with the best services in the television industry. It aims to be a true partner in your success, helping you maintain a high level of quality. Among the key services provided by Total Media Cast (TMC) are:

  1. Setting up Satellite Channels:

    TMC specializes in setting up satellite channels, with more than 10 channels launched since 2012. With a professional and advanced team, they assist you in launching your TV channel professionally, saving you time and effort. Their services include strategic planning, equipment procurement, staff training, channel setup, and ongoing support.

  2. Space Segment Reservation:

    They offer satellite frequency reservation services for live broadcasts and news coverage based on your needs. They provide this service on various satellite platforms like Arabsat, Nilesat, Eutelsat, and others, along with IP networks in the Middle East and North Africa.

  3. SNG & OB VAN:

    TMC offers live satellite broadcasting services using advanced mobile broadcasting vans. These vans are equipped with high-quality cameras and satellite connections, ensuring high-quality HD/SD broadcasts. They are ideal for covering events and interviews both locally and remotely.

  4. Live Studio:

    TMC’s five offices are equipped with advanced studios for recording and live TV interviews. These studios offer the latest equipment, chroma key capabilities, high-speed fiber-optic internet connections, IFB lines, hospitality services, and 24/7 security.

  5. Outdoor News and Event Coverage:

    TMC’s professional and flexible teams provide external news services, event coverage, and conference reporting worldwide. They use advanced equipment and modern technology to deliver high-quality coverage for your events.

  6. Voiceover & Commentary Booths:

    TMC offers voiceover services for TV and radio reporters, as well as sports commentators, in soundproof booths equipped with high-quality equipment. These booths can also be rented for various audio recordings, including documentaries and podcasts.

  7. Integration Services:

    TMC provides technical and programmatic integration services, ensuring that your broadcasting equipment and software work seamlessly.

  8. Digital Media Management:

    Total Syndication, a subsidiary of TMC, helps you build a strong digital presence and market your content effectively through services such as social media strategy, web development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and creative video production.

In a digital age where social media and search engines dominate audience attention, Total Media Cast and Total Syndication offer a wide range of services to help you connect with your audience, enhance your digital presence, and effectively market your content. They aim to help you achieve your digital goals and improve your brand image on a global scale.


Total Media Cast (TMC) has paved its way since its inception in establishing satellite channels to be a true addition in a rapidly evolving world. It has proven itself with distinctive services that have made a clear contribution to the development of television broadcasting. Through advanced technologies and qualitative additions, TMC has excelled in the creation and enhancement of television channels, their management, content, and services. It also provides all the necessary professional, operational, and legal support to ensure their continuity.

TMC also strives to form partnerships in various television media sectors through its participation in Arab and international conferences and exhibitions. It keeps pace with modern technologies and expands its geographic reach and offices across continents, aiming to offer its clients the latest advancements in television technology and enrich its expertise in this field. TMC remains committed to its media mission and its goal of advancing its work to become a leading company in the Arab world with global insights and experiences.

Let your screen reflect your professionalism and captivate your viewers with the magic of advanced visuals. Start your journey now in establishing your satellite channel with Total Media Cast.

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