How Total Media Cast Distinguished Itself with the First-of-its-Kind Service to Cover the 2022 World Cup?

The media coverage of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 presented a major challenge for companies and media institutions, especially those that provide television broadcast services and technologies. This challenge was not only on the level of the country Qatar, where this global football event was held for the first time, but also in terms of highlighting a true and realistic media image from all the regions of the 32 participating countries in the World Cup. Total Media Cast took on this challenge and launched the first-of-its-kind service to cover the 2022 World Cup with a team of dozens of photographers, technicians, and specialists in the field of television work in all the World Cup countries.

The company started its preparations for its new service long before the start of the World Cup, preparing for integrated media services that are in line with the magnitude of the event. This was achieved through expanding its scope of work to include all the participating countries, in addition to Qatar, the host country. TMC equipped its teams with the latest equipment and devices, and partnered with companies in the field of television broadcasting. It also began marketing its service by communicating with its clients to build business plans that are suitable for covering the World Cup events, as well as promoting its service in Arab and international exhibitions specialized in the field of television media. It aims to be the first company to launch a television service to monitor World Cup celebrations in more than 30 countries through live broadcasting during match times.

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The first-of-its-kind service to cover the 2022 World Cup…

Total Media Cast’s coverage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup is divided into three phases: the first before the start of the tournament, the second during the competition for the title, and the third after the crowning, in 31 countries across North and South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The service includes:

  • News Reports from Qualified Countries for the 2022 World Cup:

(TMC) provided its clients with an integrated news reporting service to cover the Qatar 2022 World Cup, from the participating countries. The reports focused on the reactions of fans in their countries and their interactions with the results, even after the winning team is crowned. This was done through a professional and specialized team that worked with high professionalism to produce these reports at all stages until they were delivered to the customers for broadcast on their television screens. The company’s coverage focused on:

Before the start of the World Cup: Production of field reports from 31 participating countries in the tournament, focusing on the preparations of the national teams and monitoring the reactions of their fans and their preparations before the start of the final competition for the World Cup title.

During the World Cup: Monitoring the reactions of the fans of the participating teams in the World Cup by preparing reports from different cheering zones and conducting live interviews with local fans in their countries about their opinions on their team’s win or loss and their expectations for the championship.

After the World Cup: Documenting the atmosphere of the winning team of the Qatar 2022 World Cup in local cheering zones, conducting interviews with the fans there, in addition to monitoring the reactions to the championship in Qatar in the early hours of announcing the World Cup winner.

The news reports package provided by Total Media Cast includes:

A team of specialized photographers and technicians for conducting reports.

Professional field editing.

Conducting professional and street interviews.

Delivering reports in both Arabic and English, as per the request.

  • Live Broadcasting from Fan Zones in the Participating Countries in the 2022 Qatar World Cup:

(TMC) deployed its technical teams in the participating countries in the World Cup to provide the first-of-its-kind service for covering the 2022 World Cup. The company offered live broadcasts of local fan reactions in those countries as they watched the matches, using IP Live TVU technology for the highest quality streaming over the internet. The service includes:

A specialized team consisting of a producer and a cameraman to capture fan reactions in fan zones and stream them from 32 countries.

Total Media Cast broadcasted a total of approximately 128 live streams from fan zones in the 32 countries during the period from November 20th to December 18th, 2022. These broadcasts were distributed as follows:

112 live field coverage during the first and second rounds of the World Cup.

8 live coverage during the quarter-finals.

4 live coverage during the semi-finals.

4 live coverage during the finals.

How do customers use the live broadcast materials in their World Cup coverage?

Use them as live shots on-screen in the background of analytical programs.

Use them in promotional materials during World Cup coverage.

Use them as clips in special reports on the reactions of the participating countries in the football championship.

  • Media Services for Correspondents in the 2022 World Cup Countries:

 The company provided services to correspondents from television channels covering the 2022 Qatar World Cup in approximately 15 countries. This was done by supplying all the necessary technical equipment and technology for their direct media missions and broadcasting them on-screen. The services offered by (TMC) were tailored to the needs of the clients and included:

Contracting with correspondents from satellite channels that do not have offices or correspondents in the World Cup countries and providing media services for them, including live on-air appearances.

Providing media services to correspondents from satellite channels in the World Cup countries or those dispatched to these countries.

Delivering content and topics to satellite channels, whether for on-screen broadcasting or specialized content for social media platforms, as well as materials specific to websites.

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The service is not over yet… Total Media Cast offers more!

The first-of-its-kind service for covering the 2022 World Cup launched by Total Media Cast is a professional and advanced service with unique features. It stands out for its high professionalism, cutting-edge technology, and extensive geographical coverage, encompassing countries from all over the world. All of this is aimed at providing competitive and high-quality services to its clients.

In Qatar, (TMC) has dedicated a set of studios and high-definition broadcasting equipment and technology to meet the clients’ needs in news coverage and live broadcasting. These include:

Mobile Outdoor Broadcasting Studio:

This is a studio equipped with the latest technology, specially designed for external television program broadcasting. It aligns with the quality and professionalism standards required for broadcasting. This studio is one of the unique features of the first-of-its-kind service introduced by TMC for covering the 2022 World Cup.

Mobile Broadcasting Vehicle:

This is a mobile studio equipped with four cameras using high-speed fiber optic cables. It includes a mixer and integrated equipment, along with outdoor studio lighting. It is also equipped with an electric motor and a UPS system, and it features an advanced broadcasting device mounted on the back of the vehicle that automatically captures satellite signals. Additionally, it has a backup broadcasting device that takes over automatically in case of any malfunctions.

Live Broadcasting Kit (Portable):

This is a portable broadcasting kit in the form of an easy-to-carry bag that allows for live broadcasting via satellite and mobility in open areas. The kit is distinguished by its high-quality image transmission, extended live broadcasting capabilities, and the ability to move over long distances without being tethered to a broadcasting vehicle or cables.

 What is the future of this new service from TMC after the World Cup?

Total Media Cast designed the first-of-its-kind service for covering the 2022 World Cup to continue offering it to its clients after concluding its coverage of the World Cup events. It serves as a launchpad for covering other events, both global and regional, to meet the diverse requirements of its clients in television coverage and services, anywhere in the world.

How does this service facilitate the work of television channels?

  • It enables coverage of events in one or multiple countries simultaneously without the need to deploy correspondents, equipment, and obtain necessary permits.
  • It provides comprehensive media services in various forms worldwide.
  • It ensures rigorous monitoring of the production process and the achievement of client objectives.
  • It offers versatile coverage in news, documentaries, and social media.
  • It boasts a professional and specialized team for event coverage and transmission with extreme clarity.
  • It provides the latest equipment required for high-quality television image transmission.

The first-of-its-kind service for covering the 2022 World Cup from Total Media Cast has set the stage for this new service, paving the way for future coverage of prominent global and anticipated events, whether they are global, regional, or local. It aims to meet the needs of its clients in coverage and television services anywhere in the world.

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