What about its prices? Get to know the services and offices of Total Media Cast around the world!

Since its establishment in 2012, Total Media Cast (TMC) has expanded its presence to four continents around the world. It has opened offices in various countries to provide its clients worldwide with the best services in the field of satellite channel establishment and related media services. TMC stands out with a specialized and professional team of experienced individuals, boasting extensive experience in channels and media companies across the globe.

In this article from TMC, we highlight the key media services offered by the company across seven different offices in Turkey, Lebanon, Tunisia, Libya, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. These services keep pace with the latest technologies in the field of television services and satellite broadcasting, positioning TMC at the forefront of Arab companies providing media services. It is the first and optimal choice for its clients to achieve professional media coverage that fulfills their goals and presents a live and authentic journalistic perspective from the heart of the event.

  • Live Studio The live studio service is one of the primary services offered at Total Media Cast offices and receives significant attention from the company in terms of equipment and related facilities. What sets this service apart includes:
  • Soundproof isolated studios equipped with professional cameras, lighting equipment, and high-quality devices, including all the necessities for live interviews, including Chroma key capabilities.
  • Conducting recorded and live television interviews.
  • Broadcasting interviews via satellite using SNG technology.
  • Broadcasting interviews live on the internet using IP Live TVU technology.
  • The ability to host multiple guests simultaneously in a live broadcast.
  • The ability to connect with different satellite systems simultaneously.
  • Studios equipped with IFB communication lines and fiber optic internet connections.
  • Providing guest transportation and hospitality services.
  • Outdoor News and Event Coverage:

With the rapid pace of events and activities worldwide, TMC places significant emphasis on providing outdoor news and event coverage services. Operating from its offices across four continents, TMC extends its coverage to any region within those continents. This allows them to cover events for their clients and keep their audience updated with live and direct coverage from the heart of the event. This service is characterized by:

  • Coverage of events, seminars, conferences, and more, anywhere in the world.
  • Highly skilled photographers using advanced professional cameras, equipped with all the necessary tools and state-of-the-art technology to deliver the highest quality event coverage.
  • Capturing footage, interviews, or other content, including live broadcasts.
  • Professional video editing using high-quality editing and mixing equipment.
  • On-site external and live editing services for live coverage.
  • Obtaining the necessary permits for these events from relevant authorities.
  • Mobile Live Broadcasting Service (SNG & OB VAN):

Total Media Cast excels in providing mobile live broadcasting services through advanced Outside Broadcast Vans (OB VANs) via satellite, operating from the company’s offices worldwide. The company is deeply committed to keeping up with the broadcasting technologies specific to this service and regularly updating them to deliver the best broadcasting service to its clients, not only at its offices but also at any location or event.

Key features of the mobile live broadcasting service provided by TMC through OB VANs include:

  • The ability to provide this service anywhere clients require it.
  • Broadcasting interviews, events, and both indoor and outdoor activities at any location.
  • Offering high-quality broadcasting in either High Definition (HD) or Standard Definition (SD).
  • The service is equipped with four cameras for live coverage, providing diverse angles and shots at the event location.
  • Satellite Frequency Booking (Space Segment):

Booking satellite frequencies for satellite channels is the flagship service within the Total Media Cast service portfolio. The company works on enhancing and providing this service on more satellite broadcasting platforms, in addition to offering it on a range of satellite systems such as Arabsat, Nilesat, Yahsat, Eutelsat, and others.

TMC offers its service with notable features, including:

  • Leasing satellite frequencies on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Providing live broadcasting (SNG) and online streaming services.
  • Offering broadcasting services to private channel owners and assisting them in launching their channels via satellite or the internet.
  • Continuous monitoring and quality control of live broadcasts.
  • 24/7 support through an advanced system that records channel signals in case of interruptions and sends an immediate alert to the responsible technician.
  • Providing technical and legal consultations for satellite agreements.
  • Connectivity and Turnaround of Live Broadcast Signals:

This is a multi-featured service provided by Total Media Cast, primarily aimed at facilitating live broadcasting for customers, especially given the diversity of broadcast methods, ranging from satellite to internet-based live streaming technologies. This service is also beneficial for customers who rely on live streaming technologies. Some of the key features of this service include:

  • Live broadcasting via satellite.
  • Live streaming over the internet using broadcast technologies such as TVU, Aviwest, LiveU, and IP.
  • Converting live broadcasts from one satellite to another.
  • Converting internet-based (TVU) broadcasts to satellite-based broadcasting, and vice versa.
  • This service includes the cost of frequency allocation for the desired satellite broadcast.
  • Voiceover & Commentary Booths:

With the increasing demand for voiceover services, especially in news coverage and documentaries, Total Media Cast (TMC) offers professional voice recording services in soundproof studios equipped with top-quality microphones, equipment, and isolation. Here are the details of this service:

  • Designed for correspondents and representatives of television and radio channels.
  • Prepared for sports commentators for live commentary on various matches.
  • Voiceovers for documentaries, podcasts, and more.
  • Equipped with professional equipment, high-quality isolation, and recording units.
  • The option to rent professional recording booths on an hourly or daily basis as needed.
  • Private Offices and Workspaces for Correspondents:

TMC provides a distinctive service for its clients’ correspondents by offering dedicated workspaces in its offices. These spaces facilitate their media tasks, and some of the features of this service include:

  • Providing a private office for each correspondent, equipped with all the necessary equipment to carry out their work.
  • Offering a television screen for viewing the channel where the correspondent works.
  • Providing a printer and other office services.
  • High-speed internet available 24/7, using fiber optic technology.

What other services does Total Media Cast offer in its offices?

TMC provides any media services that its clients may need through its offices. Communication should take place in advance to coordinate the nature of these services, their completion time, and all other details, as they fall under “custom services.” Some of these services include:

  • Producer services.
  • Fixer services.
  • 3+1 studios.
  • Chroma studios.
  • OB Van for live broadcasting.
  • Any other media services upon request.

Total Media Cast Offices and the Services They Offer:

Total Media Cast (TMC) has 7 offices in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, strategically located to provide comprehensive media services to clients while adhering to high standards of quality, speed, and efficiency, using state-of-the-art media equipment.

  • Tunis Office – Tunis, Tunisia:

The Tunis office is the largest among Total Media Cast’s offices spread across 4 continents worldwide. It features a wide range of facilities and offers all of the company’s services. It houses the largest number of professional teams and serves as a primary center for both domestic and international coverage in Tunisia. Some of its services include:

  • 5 fully equipped studios for conducting live interviews.
  • Soundproofed rooms equipped for voiceovers and live commentary.
  • Professional cameras and integrated filming and broadcasting equipment.
  • Fixed and mobile TVU broadcasting devices for live studios.
  • Advanced editing units for in-office editing and live editing at coverage locations.
  • Private offices and workspaces for correspondents.
  • The ability to provide media services in all Tunisian governorates.
  • Turkey Office – Istanbul:

Located in the heart of Istanbul, the (TMC) office houses an internal studio, editing unit, correspondent room, and meeting facilities. What sets this office apart is its strategic geographical location, serving as a launching point for extensive coverage in both Asia and Europe, making it easy to respond to the needs of clients in these two continents. Services provided by the company at this office include:

  • A fully equipped studio for conducting live interviews.
  • Fixed and mobile TVU/AVI WEST broadcasting devices for live studios.
  • Vehicles with drivers for guest transportation.
  • Professional cameras and high-quality editing equipment.
  1. Libya Office – Benghazi:

Total Media Cast offers various services in Benghazi, Libya, through a local partnership. The office comprises professionals in the fields of photography, editing, broadcasting engineering, and administration. Among the features of this office are:

  • Two fully equipped studios for conducting live interviews.
  • Stations for converting fixed and mobile broadcasting frequencies.
  • Professional cameras and high-quality editing units.
  • SNG live broadcasting van and a portable broadcasting kit.
  • Brazil Office – Sao Paulo:

Total Media Cast operates from its office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to cover all the events of its clients in Latin America. This office is one of the significant and influential ones, giving the company a competitive advantage in providing its services to clients from the Arab world in Latin America. Services offered at this office include:

  • A fully equipped studio for conducting live interviews.
  • Offices and dedicated workspaces for correspondents.
  • Two mobile and two fixed TVU broadcasting units.
  • Professional cameras and high-quality editing units.
  • Lebanon Office – Beirut:

The uniqueness of the (TMC) office in Beirut lies in its role as a launching point for urgent coverage in the Arab region, especially due to its proximity to Palestine. Additionally, it hosts various guests in different Arab and international affairs for the benefit of its clients. Services provided by this office include:

  • A fully equipped studio for conducting live interviews.
  • Offices and dedicated workspaces for correspondents.
  • Professional cameras and high-quality editing units.
  • United Kingdom Office – London:

The Total Media Cast office in the British capital, London, is the heart of Europe and a significant hub for live broadcasting and media coverage services for clients across the continent. It serves as a launching point for the company to provide its services and participate in international exhibitions specializing in the television broadcasting and media services sector. Services offered by TMC at this office include:

  • A fully equipped studio for conducting live interviews.
  • Offices and dedicated workspaces for correspondents.
  • Professional cameras and high-quality editing units.

What are the prices for Total Media Cast services?

The pricing of (TMC) services varies depending on several factors, including the type and quantity of services, the nature and duration of the service, and the geographical area to be covered.

Some services are priced per minute, such as live studio services and connectivity and turnaround services. Other services are priced per hour, such as news and outdoor event coverage and SNG & OB VAN (mobile broadcasting) services. Additionally, some services are priced per day, such as editing services.

It’s worth noting that the pricing for live studio services, for example, includes satellite frequencies. Furthermore, the same service offered in our offices in Istanbul, Beirut, and Sao Paulo involves streaming via TVU or Aviwest devices, followed by signal conversion to satellite. All of these factors contribute to determining the prices of the services.

In summary, Total Media Cast is your first choice for comprehensive media services. TMC has invested and continues to invest in its dedicated teams, equipment, and media technologies to provide the best, credible professional media service. TMC has also established and assisted numerous satellite TV channels, restructured others, and managed various channels. This is achieved through the integration of its services and its offices around the world, with its skilled and professional technicians working diligently. All of this is to ensure high-quality media coverage and television services for our clients worldwide!

If you have an important event that you plan to cover on your television screen and don’t have a team to execute it, TMC’s offices can professionally handle the task for you.